01 April 2011

The Motley Fool, the Jester Amok, the Coyote Trickster, the Mystic Wanderer, is once again reborn this Daze One April 2011


The Fool


By nature my mind is empty.
Even in sleep, I am awake.
I think of things without thinking.

All my impressions of the world
Have dissolved.


My desires have melted away.

So what do I care for money
Or the thieving senses,
For friends or knowledge or holy books?


What are they to me?

What do I care for freedom?

For I have known God,
The infinite Self,
The witness of all things.


Without, a fool.
Within, free of thought.

I do as I please,
And only those like me
Understand my ways.


From "The Heart of Awareness: A Translation of the Ashtavakra Gita"
by Thomas Byrom

30 March 2011

Arriving as Pregnant Tourists, Leaving With American Babies


Microsoft Co-Founder Hits Out at Gates


Only 14, Bangladeshi girl charged with adultery was lashed to death


The Morality of Mealtime


When a Girl Is Executed … for Being Raped


How Women Really Feel About Their Facebook Friends


Secret Space Plane Can’t Hide From Amateur Sleuths


Raising an Accidental Prodigy


Foreign tourists seek children for sex in Acapulco


26 March 2011

Artifacts upend theory on first North Americans - A cache of 15,500-year-old artifacts found buried in a Texas flood plain predates the well-known Clovis people, long thought to be the first inhabitants of the New World


American teachers under attack - With state budgets buckling, American teachers are facing the erosion of tenure protection, employee benefits, and other job protections that they fought for and won years ago

Wikipedia: Macrobiotic Diet

Wikipedia: Macrobiotic Diet
Google Search: Macrobiotic Diet

Unpaid jobs: The new normal? - While businesses are generally wary of the risks of using unpaid labor, companies that have used free workers say it can pay off when done right


The Price of Taxing the Rich - The top 1% of earners fill the coffers of states like California and New York during a boom—and leave them starved for revenue in a bust


Bob Herbert: Losing Our Way


Food dyes’ favor fades as possible links to hyperactivity emerge


Savings Experiment: How Steep a Price Should You Pay for a Cup of Tea?


Thomas Jefferson's Cut-and-Paste Bible - Our third president sought to separate the words of Jesus from the 'corruptions' of his followers


Scientists finish a 53-year-old classic experiment on the origins of life


It’s Tracking Your Every Move and You May Not Even Know


21 March 2011

Cosmonaut Crashed Into Earth 'Crying In Rage'


In a renaissance for radio, more listeners are tuning in


Open Network Foundation Pursues New Standards


The Secrets to Long Life: Worry, Work Hard and Marry Well (If You're a Man)


The F-35: A Weapon That Costs More Than Australia - The U.S. will ultimately spend $1 trillion for these fighter planes. Where's the outrage over Washington's culture of waste?


The Most Powerful Grower in Napa


Nintendo Turns Up Its Nose at ‘Garage Developers’


Practical Matters: Number of prediabetics rising in the U.S. - Many don't know they have the condition, experts say, adding that they'll advance to Type 2 diabetes if they don't exercise moderately and improve their diet

The Evolving Mission of Google


The Wristwatch Is Reimagined. Will Young Shoppers Care?


How to Beat the Salad Bar


Supermoon Photos: Moon Makes Close Encounter


Educated, Unemployed and Frustrated


400-pound marathoner celebrates nine hours, 48 minutes and 52 seconds of 'pure hell' - Gneiting, a former national champion sumo wrestler, finishes the L.A. Marathon and may have set a Guinness record


Ghosts of Chile - President Obama has an opportunity to confront the trauma inflicted by Pinochet's regime, and by the United States


Love and the Little Things - Yes, nest eggs are important. But simple acts and shared memories will grace the years to come


Listen: Secret Libya Psyops, Caught by Online Sleuths


Twitter, telegram and e-mail: Famous first lines

There is no reason to expect the reality of immeasurable and unbounded life to satisfy your puny little thoughts ~ Kodo Sawaki (1880-1965)

Frankenstein: 10 possible meanings

Frankenstein: 10 possible meanings
Readers' new meanings for Frankenstein
Wikipedia: Frankenstein
A taste for truth at any cost is a passion which spares nothing ~ Albert Camus (1913-1960)

Identifying photocopy machine poses problem for Cuyahoga County official


Five myths about nuclear energy


Bosnian police seize 2 million child porn photos

Bosnian police seize 2 million child porn photos
Wikipedia: Child Pornography

Reuben Margolin: Kinetic Sculptures

Youtube: Kinetic Wave Sculptures
Reuben Heyday Margolin
Google Image Search: Reuben Margolin

20 March 2011

It is to be remarked that a good many people are born curiously unfitted for the fate waiting them on this earth ~ Joseph Conrad (1857-1924)

Look Who’s Meditating Now


Daito Kokushi "On Zen"

There is a reality even prior to heaven and earth;
Indeed, it has no form, much less a name;
Eyes fail to see it; It has no voice for ears to detect;
To call it Mind or Buddha violates its nature,
For it then becomes like a visionary flower in the air;
It is not Mind, nor Buddha;
Absolutely quiet, and yet illuminating in a mysterious way,
It allows itself to be perceived only by the clear-eyed.
It is Dharma truly beyond form and sound;
It is Tao having nothing to do with words.
Wishing to entice the blind,
The Buddha has playfully let words escape his golden mouth;
Heaven and earth are ever since filled with entangling briars.
O my good worthy friends gathered here,
If you desire to listen to the thunderous voice of the Dharma,
Exhaust your words, empty your thoughts,
For then you may come to recognize this One Essence.
Says Hui the Brother, "The Buddha's Dharma
Is not to be given up to mere human sentiments." 
Daito Kokushi (1282 - 1337)

The Quiet Importance of Sound - The Experience of Hitting a Golf Ball Is Surprisingly Related to What You Hear

The Japanese Could Teach Us a Thing or Two